A word that usually prescribes an uncertain number of occurances. This is usually said in the reference of the numbers 13-19 (hence the 'teen'), but it can be in reference to any number within reason.

Hence 'umteenth'
I got umpteen calls from this pranker yesterday.

I dyed my hair for the umpteenth time today.
by Cheezu$ July 26, 2003
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An expression which denotes an abundance, large quantity, huge amount or a load of something. The word "umpteenth" was derived from "umpteen" and means "for-God-knows-which-time".
There was an umpteen of fidgety tourists in the city endeavouring to do as much sightseeing as it was possible.
by necrotism June 4, 2007
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The goldfish fidgets umpteen times.
by -AG June 24, 2013
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The greatest number...What.. Were you expecting more from the definition?That's all I need to say.
Person 1:What's your favourite number?
Person 2:My favourite number is umpteen.
Person 1:Mine too.
by Umpteen4life May 8, 2018
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The most awesome number ever. What? .. Were you expecting more?
John: Hey Chad .
Chad: What?
John: What's your favourite number?
Chad: Umpteen
John: Mine too
by Umpteen4life May 26, 2018
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