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1. when a bunch of guys line up behind one person and proceed to repeatedly fuck her/him with baseball bat sized dicks.

2. the process of taking a number of tests in a short period of time after getting wasted, or generally fucking around, the night before.
Big Katie got train Banged by her chem, then physics, then bio test. After that, she had to go to the football team on friday and get trainbanged to relax
by Timothy Matthew Edgar April 06, 2006
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One girl getting plowed simultaneously by multiple males. In the vaginal and anus regions. For very long durations of time.
Danny: Dude we should train bang that bitch!

Tyler: For Sure!
by Danny & Tyler June 12, 2008
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A girl can be any race but most of the time is a white girl that has sex with black men (again can be any race but most of the time it is a white girl and serval black men).

A white girl will commonly come from wellish to do families and in school or on the street if she is in a private school will meet the local black stud(s) and after haveing sex with him serval times he or she will tell the other they want their friends to join in. Most of the time it is done after they have sex serval times but can be done on the first time. Commonly it is the black male that will ask this but can be the girl asking. Commonly happens in collage. Also if it is a white girl with blacks she will start to call herself a black cock slut. Or get the nickname Spring Thomas from them.

After she lets them do this there is no turning back she is really just fuck meat from then on.

Not to be confused with gang bangs but both invole sex with serval men at once. But in a train bang it is 7 or more guys.

But unlike a gangbang in a train the guys line up behind, in front of depending on the position of sex and take turns on her thro they will commonly they will start to do her more then one at a time after each has had a turn at her.

This can but just for fun or for the girl to join a groug of males, or for her to enter a gang and be the gangs hoe, or street walker. Commonly after this she will get a tramp stramp.
Becky was a nice little rich white girl that had just left home for collage soon after starting she started to celebate her freedom and have sex with serval guys and girls at a time she tryed it all dp, gangbangs, lesbian sex. She asked another girl that was a year above her in collage about those blacks on the football team the older girl said they are thugs and only got into collage by sports and most likey their dicks. Becky was turned on by this and after a winning home game when into thier locker room and told them she wanting to fuck them. After about 3 weeks of being train banged she got a tramp stramp and started to call herself a black cock slut.
by tiff6969 December 13, 2009
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