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A cross between being sexy and delicious!
"Wow! That chick over there is so damn sexilicious! I'd like to take a bite outta that ass!"
"Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are both mad sexilicious!"
by Brianne1979 January 05, 2006
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When a person is drop dead sexy or so sexy you cant even think of a word but this one.
Jessica Alba is S-E-X ILICIOUS.
by D'urso February 11, 2007
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an extremely high level of sexiness and/or deliciousness. Usually is a momentary state of perfection. Only a precious few have ever achieved the level of sexiliciousness.
Yo, did you see Elektra at the party last night? She was looking so sexilicious i almost passed out from sheer perfection.

bootylicious sexy
by Omegeddon September 22, 2013
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This word is a cross between "sexy" and "delicious". it means Really, Really, Really hot or fine

Rupert Grint and Johnny Depp aren't just damn hot, that doesn't capture there full amount of hotness, theyre SEXILICIOUS!
by Ronweasley luvver for lyfe November 23, 2006
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