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White female who tends only to date black guys.
Based on the porn star of the same name who speacialises in interracial porn, claiming to be the web's first "black cock only slut".
Spring Thomases usually fall into one of the following categories:

1. An out and out slut who simply loves cock, committed to the belief that black means bigger, rougher, and therefore better for her overall requirement. See example 1 below.

2. A prissy little rich kid who eats the black meat to piss daddy off for selfish gain. See example 2 below.

3. A hippy girl who considers herself to be "culturally curious", who thinks that sleeping with black guys is some social experiment, putting herself in touch with her supposed earthy ancestral roots. See example 3 below.

4. A dumb-ass middle-class white chick who sees black guys as fashion accessories. See example 4 below.

5. A variation to this is the "Part time Spring Thomas":
A white chick who'll go out and revenge fuck a black guy just to get one up on her cheating (white) boyfriend. See example 5 below.

Despite the various reasons for being a "Spring Thomas", they are all united by their ability to be simultaneously offensive to both Caucasians and African Americans.
White chick: "Fuck me harder cotton picker"
Black dude: "Keep that shit up bitch and I'll break this ass in two, you little Spring Thomas".
White chick: "Mmmm... yeah!!" (push back, push back)

Country Club Member 1: "Gee Todd, my daughter's datin' a black dude."
Country Club Member 2: "Heck Josh, maybe it's time to buy her that Mercedes Benz. You don't want her to become a Spring Thomas."

Black dude 1: "You seen that hot hippy chick moved in across the street?"
Black dude 2: "Hell yeah, me and Simon spit roasted it last night".
Black dude 3: "Sweet man, a white chick with dreads - I knew she'd be a real Spring Thomas."

White bimbo 1: "Hey-ya Sara, what ya doin'?"
White bimbo 2: "Crusin' for black guys - Mischa Barton and Paris Hilton have both been seen with one".
White bimbo 3: "Ooo, you little Spring Thomas, hee hee hee hee".

White guy 1: "Shit dude, I know I cheated on Jane, but she didn't have to go and take black dick up her ass."
White guy 2: "Relax guy, she's just being a part time Spring Thomas, she'll be back eating white bread before you know it."
by jpeterman July 05, 2006
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