Deng, a common South Sudanese name, Deng is friends with everyone and knows how to interact with women. Deng has 9 inch dick and loves video games.
Girl: i meet a guy today i think he's the one
Friend: Ouuu whats his name
Girl: Deng :D
Friend: He's a keeper
by Jimm14 May 2, 2019
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A common South Sudanese male first and last name. Deng is the god of the sky, most powerful god in all the realms and ruler of all gods.
My friend’s name is Deng, he is tall and good at basketball. He is named after the sky god in his culture who is like Odin with the powers of Thor.
by WordKingToYou May 16, 2020
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A very common South Sudanese name. If you meet a nigga named Deng collect your possessions and run, he's only around for a good time, not a long time sis. Respect yourself
Girl: Guys I met a guy and I think I'm in love
Friend: Ooouuu what's his name?
Girl: Deng
Friend:.....That's your ass.
by Definition Shawty August 15, 2018
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British slang, usually describing something unattractive, but at other times an all purpose word for something that would otherwise be called a "fail".

The opposite of peng
"Are those highlights meant to be blonde? They just look deng"

"Ugh, this porridge is fucking deng"

"That was a pretty deng job"
by SongTime September 9, 2011
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The best person you will ever meet and has an incredible personality. Who is so athletic Deng's best friends are Shanaya Orlando and Hudson. Deng is the best person and so nice. if you ever meet him you will die from laughing and probably pee your pants.
Deng is so nice
by Johnny orlandos wife September 23, 2019
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1: the nadsat term for money. This word originated in the novel "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess.

2: An obsolete verbal caracature of the word "dang", frequently utilized by individuals pretending to have an accent.
1: "I shived that veck in his merzky yarbles and then went skvat with his yahoody deng!" (I stabbed that man in his testicles and then ran away with his money/jewgold)

2: Person A: "DENG Cleetus! I thought you's a gonna' Milk them thar cats 'fore gramma gits back from the Waffle House! Gitter-Done!"

Person B: "Archibald, I daresay your quaint impersonation of a rural American Southerner is sorely lacking in Auththenticity."

Person A: "Montigue, surely you jest! My oration was of such flawless composition that it would envy even the finest thesbian of vaudville theatre!"

Person B: "I am afraid I must disagree Archibald. You used the word "deng". No one actually uses that term.

Person A: "Ah, I see... I stand corrected. Thank you Montigue."
by ChaosHarlequin February 10, 2011
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