A word used in america which simply means caravan park in Australia! Also trailer parks are very cheap in quality and quantity, full of junkies, dodgy people and druggies! Things cant get better in a tip!
Two trailer park girls are smoking hashish!

Two caravan park girls sniffing coke!
by mooncrater December 22, 2010
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The tight-knit group of white people that enjoy their home and car to be one. These are a rare breed in the American Society today. Most commonly known as the breeding ground for incest and alcohol addictions has. now been known to be home to the abundance of strippers and crack-heads of the rural scene. The people that live in Trailer Parks are wild people with enough problems and mysteries that you could write a book on them. The Trailer Park is a dying American tradition.
That Trailer Park was so cool that we should visit again some time.
by Real4lyfe21221 December 15, 2010
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an over-priced area of land filled with trailers. usually contains pot heads who didn't/won't graduate, pregnant teenagers, 5 year olds who say 'fuck', nosy old people, one or more displays of the confederate flag, and sometimes (only in crowded ones) a meth lab. occupied by white trash and avoided by most people.
Did you see Cops yesterday? The hick who got arrested lives in a trailer park.
by LinnyRae May 06, 2006
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A 30 pack of beer. Most beers that come in 30 packs are cheap like PBR or HighLife

Sometimes shortend to TP
"Eh, wanna ride down to the spot and score a trailer park?"

"We're having a Barbeque this weekend, I'll rock the beef if you grab the Trailer Park."

"Naw man, I'm serial chillin with a coupla TPs this weekend. Wanna come over and get fragged on my haxbox?
by Andy LaBryn May 08, 2007
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a mobile home usually parked in side a trailerpark
Did you hear MarcyDarcy lives here now? Ya, I herd she bought her own trailer parks.
by pseudonym me February 23, 2011
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Noun: A site where caravans are pitched, esp. in USA, inhabited by trailer park trash.
by Kerb November 28, 2004
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