Born 1925 Died 1966

One of the pioneers of shock comedy - and comedy altogether. Performed material that would be risque today but did it in the 1950's and 60's. Arrested on many occasions for "indecency" (the police were really gay back then and actually arrested him during shows). Died of a heroin overdose in 1966.
Lenny Bruce is the biggest rebel in the history of comedy

Without Lenny Bruce there would be no Howard Stern...and the world needs Howard Stern
by Michael Scholl March 9, 2005
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A Lenny Bruce Moment occurs when a person says something offensive just to shock the people in the room. It is named for the legendary 1960s New York City comedian and social commentator, Lenny Bruce.
I can't believe she said that. She was being offensive to get attention, her Lenny Bruce Moment.
by Silent Barracuda October 19, 2018
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