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1) A female who sleeps around, or sucks up a lot of guys in a very short period of time
2) A gurl who moves too fast
That bitch sucked up me and my homie in one night.

"damn wut a trackstar"
by erin November 19, 2003
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by PeteLoaf320 November 25, 2020
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a hoe or loose female that is cheap or free
don't fuck with her, she's a track star
by baby grl March 21, 2005
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Track star is another name for an interveinous heroin addict. For the way their arms show tracks from syringes.
Remember dave from high school ...dudes a track star now you should see him, He is skinny like jesus on the Cross.
by V dux September 17, 2007
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A track star is commonly referred to as a really good runner. Mostly in the distance events. If you run anywhere from the mile and up and are condsidered top in your school, you are a "track star".
"What more could you ask for in a girl; she's hot AND a track star!"

by MPXC April 15, 2006
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A criminal who runs away as soon as he sees the police, and apparently thinks he is a track star for doing so. Normally yelled out to notify others someone is pulling a runner.
Two police officers break down a door and find a criminal inside. Criminal takes off with VCR
Police officer 1: "TRACK STAR!"
by sound of progress November 25, 2008
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