A toy soldier may be a friend, an acquaintance, or a follower to a cause. They may be emotionaly connected to you, but they are "expendable" to a greater cause (usualy pertaining to the protection of a friend). because they are "expendable" they are refered to as toy.
" I got toy soldiers learkin round the corners, dont test me, cause any of them are willin to do what they need...."
by ~Conundrum~ July 17, 2009
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Urban background, orginating on the streets and in hip-hop lyrics

1. A friend that's willing to go out and ride with you, no matter what the situation may be

2. A friend who has your back and is willing to give his life to ensure your protection (in essence, a friend that acts like a body guard)
My dawg G-War is my toy soldier...he always got my back
by Anonymous March 8, 2005
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Someone or something that looks threatening, but in reality it can't do any harm.
by Urban hoe (EOH) June 19, 2021
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In which two or more people partake in sexual intercourse without bending their legs or arms.
"Man, I knew Lucy was a freak when she asked me to Toy Soldier."
by sextionaryist November 25, 2016
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A Boy Toy Soldier is a middle-aged man, typically from Miami, who has a penchant for being aggressive, loud, and notoriously slutty. Despite their advanced age, they still embody the brash, cocky attitude of a boy playing with toy soldiers while listening to Jessica Simpson. They often wear bold, flashy clothing and sport a gelled hairstyle that's trying too hard to make a statement about age. You will often find them having fun with the dolls by the pool.
She slept with a back up dancer, that's nasty! She's such a Boy Toy Soldier.
by MatchMyFreakMiami July 2, 2024
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