Dr. Steel established The Army of Toy Soldiers in the year 2004. Since then, the “army of fun” has grown to span the globe, embracing all people regardless of age or gender.

It is in Dr. Steel’s vision that The Toy Soldiers have empowered people through play. He has taught that creativity is not a trifle activity but an integral part of existence.

He also spreads the word of his Utopian Playland plans for the world, through fantastic music, videos and other creative and fun ways.
Person 1: I hate life. All work and no play.

Person 2: thats no way to live! I live according to Dr. Steel's philosophy!

or something like that. ^_^
by Toy Seargeant Archimedes August 20, 2010
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An amazing musician who shall soon take over the world. Having burned down his ex-employer's toy factory, he was locked away, labeled "criminally insane". He now is making his way to take over the world and become World Emperor, with the help of the Army of Toy Soldiers, his street team.

His music is classified as Hip-Hop, Alternative and any other genre that can be thought of.
More information on Dr. Steel can be found at http://www.doctorsteel.com
Dr. Steel for World Emperor!
by YellowJacket Martyr February 3, 2009
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