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A Boy Toy Soldier is a middle-aged man, typically from Miami, who has a penchant for being aggressive, loud, and notoriously slutty. Despite their advanced age, they still embody the brash, cocky attitude of a boy playing with toy soldiers while listening to Jessica Simpson. They often wear bold, flashy clothing and sport a gelled hairstyle that's trying too hard to make a statement about age. You will often find them having fun with the dolls by the pool.
She slept with a back up dancer, that's nasty! She's such a Boy Toy Soldier.
by MatchMyFreakMiami July 2, 2024
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*Not to confuse with "definitelylarge"*

"definitelyarg" is a type of person who often have a sniffy, "particular" style, with a fondness for eclectic hideous artists, colorful purple hair, and unconventional pots and pans. They have an affinity for experimental and questionable music. They're drawn to artists who challenge the status quo of the farm they live in, like Björk and Camila Cabello, and appreciate the noisy sounds and styles that they often incorporates into her music. They most often then not talk about Taylor Swift, despite openly disliking the artist.

Unfortunately, definitelyarg has a history of experimenting with drugs to enhance their ludicrous opinions or alleviate emotional pain. This habit can lead to reckless behavior and unstable messages.
Person 1: Björk's new album is a masterpiece. She ends Taylor. *sniffs*
Person 2: You're such a definitelyarg.
by MatchMyFreakMiami July 3, 2024
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Snow Wife is a controversial "singer" not-songwriter, "known" for her association with producer and accused abuser Dr. Luke, as well as her reliance on heavy use of autotune and monotone vocals in her "music". Her lyrics often focus on over-sexualized themes and mundane melody choices, which have drawn criticism on website ATRL and Discord server "faguettes" for their objectification and lack of depth.

Despite her questionable minuscule talent, Snow Wife has managed to attract a very small but devoted following, largely comprised of fans who are drawn to her provocative aesthetic and explicit lyrics, easily comparable to those of fellow Dr. Luke collaborator "Kim Petras". However, her music has been widely panned by critics and industry professionals, who have described her voice as weak, faceless and unremarkable.
Have you heard Snow Wife's new song POOL? Yeah it's a skip, press delete.
by MatchMyFreakMiami July 3, 2024
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