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a town full of rich white people. A lot of spoiled kids who get what ever the hell they want and never hear the word "NO". you might think this town is small and inncocent but once you get past the big houses you know there is some drugs rolling around and sluts on every corner.
by a pseudonym March 10, 2005
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QSL is actually shorthand for "confirmation of contact" in amateur radio, brought over from morse code. Since the 11 meter band, aka CB, used to once be a ham band, I imagine truckers picked up QSL from the hams. Also refers to a card amateur radio operators exchange to confirm contacts, used in contesting.
Please QSL, I'm getting bored of the wallpaper.
by a pseudonym April 7, 2004
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Laffowrap makes me so happy.

Hey put some laffowrap around that so it doesn't break!
by a pseudonym September 15, 2004
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How stupid people spell the word "tongue."
Is it really that fucking hard?
by a pseudonym November 10, 2004
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band that rox. New CD: Stepping on the Crowtch owf your American President.
They say Group X steal the beats, well that bunch of crap.
Why would we ever stop doing that?
'Cuz Puff Daddy do it, except he cannot rap.
by a pseudonym June 16, 2004
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