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A phrase in which grabs the attention of an innocent civilian, and directs that person to touch you, in a sexual or completely safe and g-rated way!!
1. As the hottest girl in school walked past me in the hall, and said "hi", all I could say in response was "TOUCH ME".
by Chrisssy T March 27, 2007
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An innocent, yet sincere gesture of sexual attraction and longing for physical pleasure with someone, and in rare instances someTHING!
"Come here and touch me now!"
"I like to touch, please touch me!"
"Touch Me Brian"
"Do you want to Touch Me?"
"The Professor says that he likes 'dat' and wants you to touch me"
by The Julesman October 10, 2008
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A Child-fucker nigger that loves his arse.Especially his big white arse. Heil Hitler could be his favorite word. BE CAREFUL! He can touch you at any time with his big black hands.
(yes he is black)
(yes he is white)
"Help! My son just got rapped by Touch me!" Screamed the women as she cried for her son's virginity
by [NOxSOUL] September 04, 2019
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