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When you milk a meme or trend so hard that it draws blood on it and make it die much faster.
"Gee, people were really milking blood with that among us trend."
by Based Cow December 3, 2021
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A meme that died so hard and/or is so unfunny that there's literally no humor at all in it, and can't even be revived as an ironic meme. Old filler memes are more likely to be void memes.
That boomer minions meme format is so dead that it's probably about to become or is already a void meme.
by Based Cow December 5, 2021
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When someone tries to beat you up so you beat them up to stop them from beating you up.
Person 1 used self defense when Person 2 tried to chase him and grab his weapon. Person 2 seemed to have intent of harming Person 1.
by Based Cow November 18, 2021
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When something or someone (usually a corporation) posts cringe like Bud Light did, they get Budlighted, causing their brand to be destroyed in an instant, as using it becomes an embarassing act.
A: Target just lost 9 billion dollars from selling pride month products early

B: Looks like they just got Budlighted.
by Based Cow May 25, 2023
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A casual, subtle way of calling someone stupid, as they do not have enough memory in their memory card. Or, in other words, not enough memory in their brain.
Person 1: Does 2 + 2 = 5?
Person 2: You don't have enough memory in the memory card. Is your memory card set correctly?
by Based Cow June 16, 2022
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Someone who posts truckloads of juicy internet content (memes, videos, etc) to get internet points in return.
Those meme channels are big point farmers!
by Based Cow December 5, 2021
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A meme that should be dead, but for some reason a plethora of people pretend it isn't. An example of this is Among Us. For some reason, a ton of people still use it and think it's funny, even though many people do not think it is.
Person 1: Why do people keep posting about among us?!

Person 2: It's an undead meme.
by Based Cow March 22, 2022
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