7 definitions by A Québecois

a very funny guy who likes to disguise himself as an Indian Africain Aladin and a lot more
what he says is a lot funny.
Justin trudeau: We are going to continue to continue of doing efforts
by A Québecois November 30, 2021
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A robot sent from the future by skynet in the objective of creating the most popular social media for mothers.
Me: Meets Mark Zuckerberg

Terminator music theme: intensifies
by A Québecois February 25, 2022
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Fortnite kid: watch Jumanji with the rock, hey it's the guy from Fortnite
Me the next day: ok so yesterday I shot a kid.
by A Québecois December 10, 2021
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A food that is good in Quebec some Ontarians says that their poutine is good. Ontarian poutine is shit.
a man died poisoned yesterday
what did he eat
Ontarian poutine
by A Québecois November 18, 2021
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