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it came from me
a hardcore gangstar some1 dat dont give a shit
damn dat nigga is a tosin
by mike October 12, 2004
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An awesome caring friend that wants to make sure everyone is happy. She's always there for people and usually doesn't care if people roast her and doesn't take it badly. Tosin's usually end up losing a friend named Antonio but then they get married in the future.
"Dude, I wanna be a Tosin!"
by Tacofruitjam69 July 15, 2016
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noun: A hardcore motherfucking gangsta
pronoun: A jack diesel black motherfcuker who attends Rutgers University (don't step to this nigga)
verb: The act of being hard, the act of acting crazy, The act of doing anything that is not whack.
adjective: A word to describe something thats hot

Also, The act of crossing your index and middle fingers(on both hands), throwing them up in the air in a gangsta ass motion with a gangsta ass face on
noun: Throw up your tosins nuckas
pronoun: Yo, thats that nigga Tosin, son
1) Yo, im just tosin kid
2) Fuck outta here nigga imma tosin your punk ass
3) Yo that nigga b on that tosin shit for real
adjective: Yo that shit is tosin sonnn
by PSXy +JoeDelicious April 26, 2005
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bacon, sprinkled with brown sugar as it is cooking. candied bacon. god's candy.

can be eaten alone, but traditional Tosin is wrapped inside a single slice of white bread.

the discarded combination of bacon grease and brown sugar is known in its liquid form as Tosin Juice; once cooled it tends to solidify into a darker colored, amber-like, resin-ish material known as Tosin Crack.
That tosin gives me heart burn.

They wanted to just serve bacon, but I talked them into making tosin.
by hadeed September 28, 2009
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The best wing man a guy can ask for

Although her singing skills pale in comparison to JojoTrees' she is an amazing friend and an even better match maker

Tosin is not afraid to take risks even though she seriously, like omg she can't sing like you should just listen to JojoTrees because he sings like an angel and I hear he's super hot but he's taken by NASYA but anyways Tosin is an awesome person
Tosin can't sing compared to JojoTrees, omg omg omg he sings beautifully.
by MincraftDiamonds July 26, 2018
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