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One of the best foods of our time. Teenage girls like to feast on them at sleepovers, specifically ones with the name of Sarah and Rachel. Will drive for hours just to get a taste.
Sarah : Is there any more tortellinis in the fridge?
Rachel : ...No.
Sarah : FUCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!
by raaaachelll January 12, 2009
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A delicious ring shaped pasta usually filled with parmesan cheese. Can be served with marinara sauce or the more popular cream sauce (which was extra creamy the last time you had it because you didn't tip the waiter well enough the time before. you cheap bastard).
Johnny: "I'm gonna get me some tortellini."
Janet: "Didn't you say it tasted like semen last time?"
Johnny: "Yeah, but I kinda liked it."
by CharlieCatt June 22, 2008
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a sexual practice in Italy in which the male wraps his penis in pasta dough before sex
My man and I did tortellini last night and it was orgasmic
by Bibsmgee January 27, 2017
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you stick your sausage in her warm tortellini and spread white creamy sauce all over make sure to rub it in nice and deep
Jessica Osborn let Justin spread some white alfredo sauce right in her tortellini
by Max C. Owen July 25, 2008
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A precious and slightly obnoxious name for a baby tortoise.
Wife: Oh, look at that cute tortellini munching on some grassy wassy!

Husband: Shut up, honey.
by AWOFF December 01, 2011
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