Slang for copy-pasta. Usually used by someone who has been around long enough to wear out the term "copy-pasta". Pasta is usually employed by people who are not creative enough to think of their own material, but who would like to get the glory of posting something witty or funny.
Someone just reposted this pasta on 3 other meme pages.
by scooby_nerd July 8, 2013
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The best god damn thing on this earth. Like, you can't fucking beat pasta man.
by EastonKutless September 2, 2016
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Bruh 1: yo have you seen Penelope?
Bruh 2: do you mean pasta?
by Lil_Gosh January 10, 2019
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Ugandan intellectual who has a huge vegetable collection that are used as dildos.

The Americans want to bomb him.
Person 1: Why is homosexuality wrong?
Person 2: Because Pasta said so
by Dontbethegaypls March 11, 2019
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Short for any character from any creepypasta, which is an Internet short horror story, really.
Dude, that pasta is sick!
by gaylord jefferson August 8, 2014
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Sticks of wheat you put in hot water until they become soft, then serve with mashed up plant matter or butter with balls of animal flesh. Tasty!
Marvin? Marvin is the *pasta man*
by The Pasta Man October 25, 2020
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Bob: "Yooo dude I'm getting some pasta tonight behind Dunkin Donuts, you wanna come?"
Mark: "Yeah man"
by Hannahleighgee October 16, 2007
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