Adj., toppiest, toppier

A term used in the BDSM scene to describe one's Top/Mistress/Sir/etc's dominant attitude towards the given situation.

See top as defined by user dijjn.
I was acting up yesterday and now my Sir is all toppy.

My Mistress is being the toppiest she has ever been lately.

Haha, my Sir is toppier then yours.
by Snarkitty December 13, 2005
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see muthafukking whoring nastyass, and dreamy
see the above example, nuff said!
by lesbian wild child April 23, 2004
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1. an evil whore... a legend on the internet in chatrooms around the world
2. a womanizing lesbian she-bitch
3. a woman who gets a new girlfriend only on the 19th so she can keep all the anniversaries of her various ho's straight
Girl 1: I fucked Toppy
Girl 2: You did?? So did I!!!
Girl 3: Oh my god I did too!!!
Girl 2,435: Are yall talkin about Topgun25us?
Girl 2,436: Holy shit yeah that's her!!
by lesbian wild child April 23, 2004
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My toppie bought me this car.
by LG_SA December 26, 2011
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Dutch slang for 'Grand' also abbreviated as 'Top!'
Everything is toppie over here! All is top!
by gridhawk October 17, 2012
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The act of trimming one's sideburns at or above the top of the ear. Sometimes referred to as "negative sideburns", this is an amateur description at best. The term "toppies" has been around since the early 7th century, commonly used to ridicule a village retard or "less than intelligent hairstyle", as toppies were in fact the sideburn style of the commoner.
Today toppies are seen in many different walks of life, from rich to poor, intelligent to moronic, but one consistent fact prevails when referring to a "toppied" gentleman.... style.
Holy shit, your toppies are out of control!!

Damn, his toppies are fresh. I wanna suck his dick.

Why don't you and your toppies find another hangout you fuckin handsome devil.

That toppied son of a bitch just stole my wife and ex wife!!

Thanks for the cut Jim, but could you take em up a little? I really need my toppies to look sharp.

Did you see the toppies on that big-dicked bastard?

You just got a total facial from a dude with toppies
by pdubznubz May 4, 2010
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