A down-to-earth high maintenance millennial who teeter-totters between their indecisiveness on almost all aspects of daily life. Appointments by Tippy Toppy's often lead to cancellations or rescheduling, which peeves friends, family members, and Tinder dates.
Alex scheduled a dinner with her family on the same day she had a date. She ended up being a Tippy Toppy and bailed on both to go grab an IPA instead.
by stevieb750 February 1, 2019
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(verb) The doing or receiving of a blowjob (the sucking of one's penis), in which the one giving the blowjob has Pop Rocks in his/her mouth.
Jimmy: Yo, whats that popping sensation?
Alexandra: Oh you didn't know? I'm giving you Poppy Toppy.
Jimmy: Man that feels good!
Alexandra: Yeah it's super sweet too, I bet it'll taste even better in a minute or two *winks*
by JubJub128 May 21, 2020
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When ya girl froppy is sucking your dick and has her tongue in your ass at the same time.
Zacchary was fucking Tsuyu Asui under the UA bleachers while she was giving me that good froppy toppy.
by XxDaVinci August 26, 2017
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gilbert- "Hey hailey i want that good, spin cycle, samsung sloppy toppy"
hailey- "no"
by CumHereOften? December 2, 2020
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When a girl (usually a Thot) performs oral sex for any Dusty nigga that should cross her path
He told me she gave him that good German Toppy.
by Germanfinders October 10, 2014
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