A sound that has mixed emotions of describing someone of positive things that you cannot explain in a couple sentences.
Cameron Dallas is so ufffff.
Uff is combined with cute, beautiful, sexy, amazing, wow, etc.
by ssmpa January 10, 2015
Liz: Have to write a 25 page paper by tomorrow. Oof.
Colin: Uff. That sucks.
Liz: That's not a thing.
by talbottron January 9, 2012
Offensive non-disguised version of 'fuck', as used by radio to bring that annoyingly to mind, much like f*** and f**k are more annoying than the original word. See also 'ish'.
by definer2 October 14, 2008
When you are bored, you just say uff.
<Annie> what time is it?
<Matt> dunno.
<Annie> uff.
by empys September 7, 2006
"Is it cool with you?"
"Word, I can uff with it."
"I don't uff with that ish."
by pariscore December 20, 2002
UFF:- ULTRAFUCKINFANTASTIKO - Something SO good you didn't think it could have been achieved, but it was, AND, it was N E A R L Y as good as Charlie in the quire!
If YOU can go down that cable over the lake, more than a killimetre long - without half a dozen NCO'S to slow you down - it'll be a miracle UFF!
by 1STFABARM May 19, 2019
Extremely intelligent person. A man who is very lucky with the ladies.
by Troutfriday April 6, 2018