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an expression of utmost praise.
That shot was top drawer my good man.
by box June 02, 2003

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what a player calls a single female in his brood. It can be used derogatively or affectionately.
*Cruel player- Yo, I was slappin my bitch around las' night, what whaaaaaaaat


*Guy one- Wow, you really love her, don't you?
*Guy 2- Yup... she's my bitch, for ever and always.
by Box March 23, 2005

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You might say this in surprise, as in 'holy shit'
Holy poop on a stick!! The pope just died!
by box April 30, 2005

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A disease you might have if you shovel a snow-like material off your shoulders every five minutes
Dude, hawthorne is shedding. He must have scaleitis
by box April 30, 2005

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Something that is really fucking lame.
Common usage- Good god, that man's outfit consisting of Hawaiian shirt, purple slacks and Keds is pants.
by Box August 08, 2004

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The sickest clothing line known to mankind. A classy, confident clothing line that originated in Nor Cal.
-That's a sick ass shirt man. Where'd you get it at?
-Artusclothing.com yo.
by Box March 06, 2005

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1: An extremely large dildo.
2: Someone who acts as a mean dildo.
Billy why are you such a dildasorous to me?
by Box February 17, 2005

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