The process by which one pulls food off a spoon or fork only with teeth. Facilitates sharing without getting someone's slobber all over your food.
"Hey man can I get a bite of that?"

"Ya just make sure you teeth it."
by Niers August 17, 2009
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To connect to a device via bluetooth.
James's PDA tooths to his phone, then to the internet.
by Raubritter January 24, 2006
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Short form for "toothpick" aka. a skinny broad.

Some one who is really skiiny and it makes you sick/jelous
Julia wears a size zero pant, she's a tooth!!!
by Jennifer Dawn March 25, 2008
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typically nonbinary or genderqueer, this person is very cool. Typically, you can find them wearing 5 inch platform boots and unironically listening to 100 gecs. They love creepycore and surrealcore. When you first meet them you might be a little creeped out by them and their weird personalities but once you get close you'll be glad you let them into your life. They're a very hardcore person and love punk rock. They're a very loud and funny person that loves to make others laugh. Usually, they're the insane person of the friend group that does dumb shit just to entertain everyone. Teeth is an amazing person to have in your life.
Teeth is the most insane person i've met!!
by ratpissboy August 18, 2020
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Means being happy, cause when you smile your teeth are displayed.
When i got back and found my roommate refilled the beer fridge i was teeth.
by jovialfellow1 October 30, 2013
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used when speaking in a sort of code is a must. used to refer to tits, breasts, boobs, mammary glands or whatever else you want to call the sweet sweet mounds of glory on a female's chest.
Hey Jimmy, peep that dame over there she has nice teeth, but don't let ya girl see you.
by Jesse February 13, 2005
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