White protrusions coming from one's gums. They are made of calcium, phosphorus and mineral salts. These materials combined are referred to as dentine. The shiny layer is called the enamel. Teeth are used in chewing food. Some people like to have artificial teeth made out of gold or other precious metals. Sometimes teeth made out of these metals are used as a status symbol.
"If I had some gold teeth I'd slay the hoz!"

"His teeth are made of made bling bling!"

"I'll knock your teeth out if you fuck with me!"
by IceWarm March 12, 2004
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Those white dullish thingies in your that you use to eat , pronounce words, and have a pretty smile.
I used my teeth to bite the flesh of my fingers because Im crazy.
by Drakon_slayer November 17, 2014
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white stuff in your mouth used for chewing
don't have nerve endings in them
Bradley's teeth don't hurt, her gums do.
by Mhmmm July 23, 2012
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noun; plural: teeth

1. a. A bonehead-like person, or seemingly cool person acting in a bonehead manner. Typically found at a party, social gathering or event, where an audience is present, surrounded by a layer of bigger teeth.

b. A similar person, acting in tooth-like manner. Someone who simply is not cool.

2. A "cock-blocker."

Word History: from the root, rocktooth, or toothface -- a derivative of rockface.
"I'm not going to Rice's party, there's gonna be a ton of teeth there!"

"Why were there so many teeth at Colin's last night?"

"Domingo was being such a tooth."
by Toothy McJoothy June 02, 2006
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Used to refer to ammunition, part of some other safety slang that let's illigal aquisitions be discussed in public. Used almost always in conjunction with Guard Dog.
Assumed to have originated in the Canadian west provincial drug trade.
Sup. I need to get a hold of a guard dog with some teeth.
by Geth November 17, 2004
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