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A town in Vermont where the phrase,"my mother is my sister" is actually true.
Person: dude the people in Hardwick are so messed up
by Steve802 November 19, 2008
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The Nussy, or the β€œnose pussy”, if you will, was discovered during the corona virus pandemic of 2020. People that had to be tested for Covid-19 had to have their nose swabbed right where the brain connects, which often led to people rolling back their eyes and gagging.

A nose-swab-fetish developed from this, because we, as humans, ruin everything.
β€œOh fuck yeah, swab my nussy”

Sir, please, I went to medical school

by Pogoextreme December 25, 2020
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To vomit or regurgitate into a bag or other available receptacle after eating too much, too quickly.
He ate so much at the buffet he hardwicked.
by myx May 30, 2008
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One of the most racist, piece of shit scumbags that live on earth. Mostly male roam the population but be careful because it will try to disrespect you in anyway it can or even try to have intercourse with you even if you are underage. This guy has a supply of Juuls that can be given to everyone in the United States he’s a sick fuck. You can fool a hardwick easily but stick to your word if he sees you do anything he will call you out and try to rape you but be careful not to be near one. I am locked in this guys basement currently so I know the do’s and dont’s when you meet or see a hardwick. Like an enderman you should not look it in his eyes or else you’ll be the next one coming to his office of pain.
You look like a hardwick one eye is directly looking at me and the other is rolling which seems to be another galaxy

Put the juul away hardwicks coming.

I was pissing in the bathroom until I saw hardwick watching me go outside the bathroom so I got a different type of stage fright.

You better check your eyesight cause your becoming a hardwick.

Stop texting and driving you know only hardwicks can do that.

Stop taking pictures of children what are you a hardwick.
by Gabe itches696969696969 December 18, 2019
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