The ice planet in the empire strikes back where the rebels get their asses kicked by the empire
This is the best sequel ever for any movie.
by Adrian March 31, 2005
Best way to describe a winter outside when the weather is below -18C or below 0 F and there's a shitload of ice and snow.
It's fucking hoth out!
by Elixxur January 7, 2015
Sam: "Dude do you want to play Hoth"
Nick: "Dude i love Hoth"
by Nick and Sam dont forget Drew November 18, 2006
Hoth is the sixth planet in the remote system of the same name. It is a world of snow and ice, surrounded by numerous moons. Small meteorites that have wandered away from a nearby asteroid field constantly pelt Hoth's icy surface. This icy world has developed a number of indigenous lifeforms, including the wampa ice creature, and the tauntaun. The daytime temperatures of Hoth were bearable for properly dressed humans, but the Hoth nights are too hostile even for the native creatures.

Following their victory at the Battle of Yavin, the core group of Rebel Alliance heroes had to abandon their headquarters at the Massassi temples of Yavin 4. Pursued by the Empire, they eventually set up a new base on the ice planet. Code-named Echo Base, this new outpost was under the command of General Rieekan. The temperature extremes required a great deal of effort from Alliance technicians to keep all their vital supplies from freezing.

An Imperial probe droid -- one of thousands dispatched throughout the galaxy -- eventually discovered Hoth. The Rebels were fortunate enough to learn of the droid, and began evacuation procedures immediately. The Empire -- in the form of the Imperial Death Squadron -- arrived in the Hoth system shortly thereafter.

History records the conflict that followed as the Battle of Hoth, one the greatest setbacks suffered by the Rebel Alliance. The Rebels barely had enough time to evacuate their headquarters and scatter from the pursuing Imperial fleet.
by Official_SW Definitions_ December 5, 2004
HOTH stands for "houses of the holy", which is the 5th Led Zeppelin album. It was released in 1973, by Alantic records. Some people count this as their most "experimental" album because the album had a reggae type song called "D'yer Mak'er" (pronounced Jamaica, like the country) and a funk type song called "The Crunge". This album was a turning point for Zeppelin, as the music started getting heavier they were loosing some of their blues sound.

Houses of the Holy is also the name of one of Led Zeppelin's songs on the album Physical Graffiti.
by Justin P. B. April 27, 2006
Houses of the holy.a led zeppelin album with such hits as "No Quarter","Over The Hills And Far Away", "The Ocean" and many more.
by justin January 1, 2005
What hoth I have when I'm around you, smh!
by Whats your take September 25, 2015