No way or Hell No
Also can mean "Oh No you Di'int" or that's not cool
Hey girl hey, that don't fly!
by Ashly December 12, 2003
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a phrase meaning "normal" and "civilized" (however one defines these words) people don't behave the way you do.
a boy, after having been to physical science class in elementary school and having learned the basics of electricity, tries putting scissors in the kitchen plug.

His mother starts admonishing him:

mother: is this f-sag you twit? what are you doing, you'll create sparks and burn the damn house down. Pigs don't fly. Go to your room now. She then takes a broom and starts chasing him around the house.

son: I can attach balloons to anything i want, no?
by Sexydimma December 22, 2012
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A phrase meaning : normal and civilized- however one is to define these terms- people don't behave the way you do.
A boy comes home from physical sciences class and starts putting scissors in the electric plug.

His mother: James, is this f-sag? What are you doing? Pigs don't fly you silly.

James: it's not f-sag, it's to impress my physics teacher.
by Sexydimma May 14, 2017
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used by angry teacher when you try and escape their class.
Teacher: Taylor, That shit don't fly with me!
Taylor close to tears on the ground
by s331408203 October 17, 2011
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A old primary saying derrived from biblical scripture referring to the cosmic unbalance experienced by both humans and birds in an aura of wetness. The shared self interprentence is lost by the swelling darkness of night, and an uncontrolable urge of wisdom not to fly till dawn arrives.
Two guys come out of a pub:

1st Guy: "Lets burn some rubber in da drag races man while its dark! No coppers!"

2nd Guy:"Wet birds don't fly at night... remember that man..."
by Gdogs McC & Natablanca D January 13, 2006
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If you can't soar with the Eagles, don't fly with the flock

The complete opposite of if you can't beat them, join them
It means if you can't be the best then you may as well be nothing at all.
person 1: I gave into peer pressure last night and tried crystal math
person 2: If you can't soar with the Eagles, don't fly with the flock
person 1: oh.
by Mikeylovescake June 2, 2013
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