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A person that looks good from a distance, but with a closer look (or via SQUINTING), is revealed to be much less attractive. Often confused with beergoggles, but is not a function of alcohol, only of unsatisfactory distance. First coined by John M. in 1998
I was at a club last night and saw this hottie across the dance floor. But when I was about 10 ft away from her, I saw she was a squinter so I bailed.
by Ddorfjt January 24, 2008
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A person in Sydney who works in the city or inner west, but live in the outer western suburbs.
They have a long commute in the shitty Parramatta Rd/M4 peak hour traffic, and have to squint in the rising sun in the morning and/or setting sun in the evening.
Dave: Whilst sipping a beer...."The squinters never come to the pub after work!"
Scott: "That’s because it takes the dickheads nearly 2 hours to drive home!"
by tickle-me-elmo September 14, 2005
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Derogatory term; Smoneone in the workplace who isn't capable of performing even the simplest tasks, without constant handholding and direction.
1. I have a shitload of work to do, because those damn squinter's can't do anything right.
2. If that damn squinter doesn't stop playing with his remote control cars, and start doing some work.....
by Mayzee January 07, 2007
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Squinters are anything that tastes so sour that it makes a person squint.

Typically, certain varieties of apples and first crop grapes, and other fruits, are so sour they will make a person squint.
Mary tried one of those grapes but decided not to buy any because they are squinters.

Ben made an apple pie using some squinters.

Those plums are so sour they are squinters.
by WhistleBerries July 13, 2011
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