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A once good actor turned completely insane. He is now engaged to actress Katie Holmes (who looks like she's twelve but is still taller than him). Tom Cruise also VERY OPENLY practices scientology. Scientologists, I'm convinced, are trying to TAKE OVER THE UNIVERSE. I mean seriously, anything started and made popular in LA has to be frigged up. They have schools, and art classes, and buildings. ITS FRIGHTENING!!! How can you have a "religion" based off of a sci-fi novel anyway???? It makes no sense.

But really, he had a list of all the single actresses in Hollywood that he could go out with. Katie Holmes was at the end of the list. A girl has to have some pride.
"Oh my God. When she saw Brad Pitt, she went all Tom Cruise and started jumping up and down on my couch. GAWD. Now we need to get new upholstery."

"Poor Batman, he has to kiss Mrs. Tom Cruise."

"YOU SHOW EM, TOM. KICK SOME ALIEN ASS! Ooh wait...nevermind you got sucked up into the ship..."
by Mrs. Hayden Christensen July 03, 2005

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A manga drawn and written by the manga *princess*, Rumiko Takahashi about a normal Tokyo schoolgirl (Kagome Higurashi) who travels back in time and meets the demon, Inu-Yasha. This manga was turned into an anime sometime in the '90s. And let me just say, it is TOTALLY awesome. Inu-Yasha kicks ass.
- "Dude, did you see Inuyasha this weekend??"
- "Tcha, he took off his shirt again. So hot."
- "WHEE!"
by Mrs. Hayden Christensen July 03, 2005

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fo shizzle my nizzle
-fo shit my nigga
--for sure my nigger
---for sure my african friend
-----i concur wholeheartedly, my african american brother
- hey, i know, lets go to a club, get drugged up and then go get some hookers
- fo shizzle my nizzle
by Mrs. Hayden Christensen July 03, 2005

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