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Victorian lower-class slang for "a superior whore".
Well aren't you a muliebrious lil toffer.
by Kal-38 April 14, 2009
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1. A useless, pathetic individual who has more woes than friends. He deliberatley annoys people to an extent, in which the victims are nearly forced to assault him. A Toffer generally has no talents yet is in belief that he is a young form of god. He also talks as if he is a private businessman, yet he has attended special ed schools his entire life. A

Toffer is always angry and blames others for his uselessness and innability to perform. He also can not get politics out of his small mind, when yet he is not even a registered voter nor will he ever.

2. An obnoxious and immature man whom posesses identical qualities to Napoleon. E.G. extremely short, underdeveloped, aggressive, week, violent, and needy for attention.

3. An angry individual whom cannot partake in most normal activities, due to his innability to grow physically or mentally since age 6.
"Hey man, is that Gary Coleman?"
"No, it's just a toffer.
by keeeeeepitreaaaaalll April 03, 2012
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A stupid aristocratic person (combination of toff + tosser).
That David Cameron is such a toffer. No wonder he became leader of the Tory Party.
by Aliszka February 15, 2009
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A lazy, useless worker exhibiting signs of mental deficiency and will most likely injure the people who are actually working around him even if he tried to help. They will sometimes try to scrutinize the people who are actually working by coming up with some bullshit theorem they heard to make themselves seem smarter when in actuality they are proving their worthlessness.

Also may be the acronym for: Tons of Fun for Erroneous Reasons
Why isn't toffer working working?, Man that toffer did nothing all day and the only time he did, he smashed my ankle.
by Stoneworth September 05, 2011
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When someone has a super round head and looks like he belongs in a Willy wonka chocolate ad
Get a haircuts you look like a toffer
by HoesLuvMe May 02, 2018
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