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possibly stupidest man alive
he waved to stevie wonder...stevie wonder is blind.
He said the french dont even have a word for entrepreneur, entrepreneur is a french word. he belives killing people might prevent death.
by n333m August 23, 2004

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a person who enjoys the high that marijuana, canabis, or hash. Stoners are normally happyer, less violent people who have a better appreciation for life. Some people seem to blame them for the down fall of society, ironically those are the people causeing the down fall because of beliefs that money is more important then joy or life.
marijuana causes a happy fealing meaning stoners are happy and not violent people. Some one need to get george bush stoned.
by n333m August 30, 2004

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see george w bush

A person who lacks intelligence
a moron, once again see george bush
by n333m November 12, 2004

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stoner gods, some of the first people use to marijuana in movies for comedy.
hehe stoners shibby people
canadian lol
by n333m August 30, 2004

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when a skateboard does a 360 pop shove it and a kick flip at the same time. You also have to land on the board.
also know as a "360 flip" or "3 flip"
by n333m August 27, 2004

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the greatest things ever:)they make me happy
there amazingly neeem :D
there the greatest things ever
theyt bounch
they jiggle
they make good pillows
by n333m August 25, 2004

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An extremely good guitar. see les paul crazy train explains it all.
this guitar is so good it makes you hot in the pants at just a glance alone.
by n333m October 24, 2004

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