Taking a dump in someones glovebox inside their car. Closing it so the fecal matter can ripen to a aromatically robust scent.
Joe did a toaster oven in Jeff's car.

Wow it was really hot out this week too.

Jeff opened his glovebox to find a lovely coco-puff in there. Spendid work by Joe.
by jaydog7 October 23, 2012
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(V): The act of farting in an elevator as you step out, thereby leaving a present for future riders to enjoy.
"Joe, what was that sound?"
"Oh, I just toaster ovened this elevator!!"
by Austin Pealy August 22, 2009
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A molecular re-arrangement device which transforms bread into toast and makes other types of animal's flesh/vegetation slightly more suseptable to being consumed.

a small oven.
put some bread into the toaster oven and watch it become toast in a matter of seconds.
by f April 16, 2004
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derogitory term used to describe male reproductive organ
hey bitch, blow my toaster oven!
by Rishi & Bia August 2, 2006
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When a gay woman has sexual relations with a straight girl.
Tina did a toaster oven on Alyson at last nights slumber party.
by keyzersoze August 4, 2009
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A presumably heterosexual woman who is about to have sex with a lesbian for the first time.
Lizzy: I hooked up with Sarah last night.

Veronica: Was she a toaster oven?

Lizzy: Yeah, it was her first time with a girl.
by Lizzy the Lezzie October 4, 2010
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A message board made/opened up on April 1st 2004 on the website GameFAQs. It has gotten and still has a large quantity of traffic and fluorishes today.

Was a very big myth before, and generally was just a joke to talk about it. Many invision boards and the such include a "Toaster Oven" board for social topics. So the popularity it already had before helped in it's activity.

When referred to as a LUE copycat, everybody there gets annoyed, because the board is really unique and how it manages itself. It's a very good social board to hang out at.
"Hey everyone! I've found the Toaster Oven board!!!"

"Liar. "marks""
by wasp2020 December 23, 2004
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