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japanese word for 'bent'
my japanese name on quizilla is katamuki
by Saraiyu March 18, 2007
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noun:1 the female dog or other carnivorous mammal
2: a vulgar or immoral woman, sometimes used as a general term of abuse
3:something that is very difficult or unpleasant

transitive verb:1 spoil or ruin
2: to cheat or rook
3: to complain of or about
noun usage1: "Is your dog male or female?" "She's a bitch"
2:"That stripper is a nasty bitch!"
3: "Ugh. cleaning my room is a bitch."

transitive verb usage1: "you bitched me!"
2:"they bitched and moaned about the hike"
by Saraiyu August 26, 2007
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r=rumor,o=on,y=yard roy=rumor on yard. roy is a part of a type of prison slang pronounced roy
"I'm gonna start a r.o.y. that im a lesbian! -Kathy Griffin
by Saraiyu August 1, 2007
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red haired and irish catholic ,kathy griffin is a d-list,hilarious female comedian who cracks jokes about a- list celebrities. she also stars in bravo tv's Kathy Griffin,my life on the d-list.
"im sorry i actually shocked...prisoner?-Kathy Griffin performing at a prison
by Saraiyu August 1, 2007
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this is known as the first definition in urbandictionary.com. Although it isnt slang and there isnt much of a pronouciation its still very nice to have on your shoulder!
by Saraiyu August 1, 2007
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(noun)the Japanese word for playing cards. Used either by Wapanese speakers or in Japan.
wapanese_nerd: wanna come over and play trump?
inuyasha9182:sure! i've got new naruto based cards
by Saraiyu June 21, 2007
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another term for freaky, but in a certain accent. Pronounced frecky or freekih.
that Giant Squid was uber freki!
by Saraiyu March 25, 2007
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