Stands for "too long; didn't watch." Used most commonly by someone with a life whenever someone else posts a ten-minute long YouTube video in a thread.
User 1: Dude check this scene out from Star Trek: {link}

User 2: *click* tl;dw
by Dingo727 November 14, 2006
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Too Long ; Didn't Watch. Its used when someone uploads a very long and uninteresting video on youtube or any other video upload website. Similair to "tl;dr" which is used in threads.
Shit faced cockmaster: "watch my shitty 24hour video on christianity!"

Guy with life: *writes in comment box* "tl;dw...BITCH"
by MaZVaZ May 20, 2007
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Too Lazy, Didn't watch
I was tl;dw
by beerinhaler September 15, 2017
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An acronym for "Too laggy, didn't watch"

To be used when someone sends you a video but you stop watching it because it is taking too long to buffer.
Kyle: "That video Jim sent us was hilarious! Did you watch it yet?"

Stan: "Nah, tl;dw"
by peasmaster February 3, 2011
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Inspired by TL;DR but for replies in discussions.

Too Long, Didn't Write.

Meaning: Man, the answer is too long to write, I can't do it now, sorry.
George: Can you explain this in more details?

Sylvain: TL;DW
by afroginthevalley November 4, 2010
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Bob: Hey friend, do you still have that $150 that I loaned you? Friend Sorry Man, I just spent it on this here prostitute, tl;dw.
by Believf October 8, 2019
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