Guy1: hey I sent you that pr0n you requested

Guy2: tks
by Brad Mecoli August 25, 2007
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tks is an abbreviation for the commonly used term "tha knows" - originating from the heart of yorkshire, dating back through the years, with references held in many notable instances, in many scriptures, films, and within other contemporary sources.
Person A: You seen Dean lately?
Person B: Heard he got locked up for petty theft tks
by TKSMASTER November 6, 2010
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That’s (a) knee slapper
Guy 1: *says something funny*
Guy 2: tks😂😂😂
by ligmabrazzers February 16, 2019
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Jack was really horny, so he said to his girlfriend, "Tks!"
by Browniezz October 16, 2009
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Onling gaming term for "team killer" or "team killing". Used verbally as well as in typing. The act of killing your own teammate rather than the enemy.
"The guy was blocking the door so I had to TK him".
by PecosBill May 23, 2003
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In the Professional Printing Industry, TK on a work order means "to come".
300 copies, Originals TK
by Eagle4life69 February 27, 2009
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Team Killer n.
A person who engages in intentionally or unintentionally killing teammates in online games. TKs are either unskilled or are trying to ruin the gaming experience for others. The latter can be summed up by the Battlefield 1942 term smacktard.
i TK u i TK u loooool!!11
i tH3 l337 Ov TK!!! looooool
by Gimli July 15, 2003
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