Vibration of the mammaries, usually during jogging or physical activity.
Yo, did you see that when she jogged by? That was some serious titillation goin' on!
Something so amazing that you can feel the tingle of excitement in your titties.
The Dubulge in that guy's sweatpants was titilizing.
by Debulgers June 27, 2012
One who performs an act of titillation.
"Rick is such a titillator. I can't help but feel titillated by his total titillitious titillation."
by El Ricko April 5, 2006
1.) to make an individual aroused by means of caressing, and/or stroking 2.) To pleasure by means of penetration and/or vaginal and anal stimulation.
1.) He titillated my leg with his fingers softly 2.) Ohh, your member is titillating my MY MYYY CLIIIT!!
by ThanksLight May 31, 2009
the act of a girl getting extremely turned on. kind of like when a guy gets a boner.
my boyfriend just made me Titilate so much!
by alpentalprincess July 8, 2011
"Titilitis" . n - The medical term used to describe depression caused by lack of tactile stimulation of the mammary glands. Usually acquired through deficiency in gustation.
Symptoms include: headache, nausea, severe depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, dizziness & erectile dysfunction.
A man who loses an erection during sex due to not squeezing or nibbling on breasts experiences Titilitis
by DXample August 18, 2008