How tweens and preteens like to get their titillation.
Some tweens crave titillation, but wouldn't dare to do anything risqué with their own bodies, so they'll wait until there's a lot of people and pants someone else.
by FridgeRaider December 14, 2004
A mating process used by Abdoes which involves the use of tits, with organic dildoes as nipples, pumping repeatedly to engage in sexual intercourse.
That Adbo used dildo-based titillation on your mom!
by Marxfjr January 29, 2009
(OR; titillate ONES' parts!!)

as in orgasm, or extreme pleasure of the senses!!

extreme joy!!, possibly extending to ones' "prime parts"!!
that godiva chocolate will titillate your parts!

SEE if i can't titillate your parts!!

that special food item might titillate ones' parts!!

having a 'boner'/getting 'moist' over a NOUN
by michael foolsley November 1, 2011
Titilators are a fun and obnoxious way to refer to ones breasts. If used before knowing ones breasts well, it could result in the loss of the relationship with whomever's breasts you were reffering to.
"Man, did you see those girls titilators?"
"Yeah, but why the hell are you calling them titilators? Who says that?"
by Empress-Of-The-Pineapples July 14, 2017
People who watch pornography are used to being titilized at the touch of a button.
by Official_Dopey December 1, 2018
Closing the openings to your tent at a campsite before lovemaking.
The couple was titillating tenting at SC's only national park at night-Congaree.
by Coop Dupe April 26, 2017