Being more tired than someone normal.
Bitch, I'm more tireder than you.
by Tireder November 23, 2017
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Tiredism is when one is tired and needs sleep.
Tiredism is a word that was invented by someone who is tried.
by A_Random_Dude_ April 1, 2019
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Where you feel shit the next day as a result of tiring yourself out the previous day. The equivalent of a normal hangover but without the alcohol.
Kevin had one bitch of a tiredness hangover today after fucking that new girl of his for 10 hours straight yesterday. He's gonna need a lot of caffeine and sugar to pick him up.
by Ceeell December 24, 2009
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A measurement of how tired you are. Also can be used to denote how far away from dropping dead asleep you are.
(0 - minimum; 100 - maximum)


{1 - (Ability to stay awake and do whatever you are doing at that point of time)/(Ability to keep doing whatever you are doing after 12 hours of dreamless sleep)}x100

where units of Ability are user-defined as long as the unit is constant in the numerator and denominator.

A Tiredness Quotient (TQ) of 0 would mean you are not tired at all or you are wide awake with no hint of fatigue.

A TQ of 100, on the other hand, would cause you to fall sleep involuntarily.

In some countries people may refer to this as Tiredness Index or Fatigue Index or Fatigue Quotient.
My Tiredness Quotient is 90 after driving from DC to Cleveland. I'm ready to hit the sack.

His Tiredness Quotient must have been really high, he fell asleep at the wheel driving

Hey Siddharth, guess what my Tiredness Quotient is after working 12 hours straight on my homework assignment? Ninety-ni... zzzzz
by goundyzz August 1, 2011
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When you are really tired and and somebody asks you how you are feeling but don’t feel like saying tired for some reason.
“Hey man, how are you feeling?” “Tiredism, man.”
by vansons December 9, 2020
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