In fanfiction terms, when someone has received a request to write something in particular, whether it is a simple thing out of every-day life or a longer story.
Anonymous made a prompt with character A and character B cuddling

Anon prompted kiss under the mistletoe
by wednesdaycoolbluenights July 8, 2013
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Being on time when you're suppose to.
Josh And Scott are not prompt to meet the girls.
by Amber And Ashley July 15, 2004
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Both adjective and verb to descibe how drunk a person got the night before.
"After the pre-party at the house, we got so Prompt, and then decided to hit up the bars."
by YoureawomanImamachine July 4, 2009
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Late to everything (if you are from Texas)
by Cadude July 13, 2005
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A simpler, often easier way to manipulate a file/application.

An enigma to the average PC user.

An enigma to 99.9% of Mac users.

edit c:\autoexec.bat

by TrippleZero July 13, 2005
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Early computer users typed c, the colon<:>, then pressed <enter> to get back to the main disk drive in DOS. It was also an inside joke.
After she took her thong off I gave her the DOS Prompt!
by #1mule June 18, 2010
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type it into the command prompt.
by maxzilla June 22, 2003
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