To tell a climate denier to go fuck themselves. Especially impactful if coming from a respected figure known otherwise for their tact and restraint. After Australian journalist Laura Tingle who created a stir on Twitter by doing just this.
"Scotty from Marketing was spinning like crazy about the bushfire crisis. No wonder she went the full Tingle on him."

"You are beginning to piss me right off with your bullshit, Andrew. Don't go an' make me go full Tingle on you."
by simplebutgood January 1, 2020
A tampon that is filled with THC and CBD distillate and diffuses over hours. This has been proven to reduce inflammation, PMS, and other symptoms of periods.
When I use a tingling tampon, my periods are much lighter and my vagina feels great!
by iMonkeyBIZ February 9, 2020
The tingling sensation of embarrassment felt on behalf of others - often felt during a musical performance by someone not musically talented, or when watching a person make a retard of themselves. Similar to the jibblies.
Brett Bretterson tried to serenade what's her face with some love song. Man, that gave me some serious tard tingles.
by CaffeineBlog October 10, 2005
"Spine-tingling is a reaction to either being spooked (e.g. an animal sensing danger) or a human hearing/feeling/seeing something so personally moving that it sends chills down their body."
Spine-tingling "The song Wonderboy by Tenacious D sends chills down my body"
by Easy Definition March 8, 2008
Tingle the Vagingle (pronounced va-jingle) is a term originating from the North Central Florida area that describes the extra sensation a girl feels during oral sex when the guy that preforms said oral sex has a beard. He is giving her an extra tingle in her vagina from the facial hair; hence the phrase "tingle the vagingle."
Example 1
Friend, "Why'd you grow that hideous beard?"

Friend's response, "My girl likes the beard, it gives her a tingle in the vagingle."

Example 2
Girl, "I like when a guy with a beard goes down on me; it gives me a tingle in the vagingle."
by DBlack April 29, 2009
Christofer Drew Ingle (NeverShoutNever) is addicting. However too much Ingle can make you sick. This disease is called the Ingle Tingle.

Side effects may include:

1. listening to his music for over 4 hours a day
2. singing along very loudly and badly

3. dreaming about him
person 1: "hey where's kelly? last i knew she was listening to NeverShoutNever"
person 2: "i heard she has the Ingle Tingle"
by oh heyyyy(: September 5, 2011
That feeling you get in your panties when a kiss or some other contact with someone or something really turns you on.
I got a panty tingle when he kissed me goodnight and that's when I decided to invite him in side for a drink.
by Emily Robarge October 31, 2006