The guy who produced every second song you hear on the radio nowadays.
Listen to your radio! Timbaland Galore.
by Gekkondae June 26, 2007
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Real name Tim Mosley; uber-producer responsible for some classic R&B and rap tunes. Long time producer of Missy Elliott; also protegees such as Ms. Jade, Tweet and Bubba Sparxxx.
The Neptunes just ripped off another Timbaland beat, dogg.
by meatstick June 11, 2003
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Famous producer who recently and quite literally , stole an entire song from an unsigned artist.
"damn you thieving bugger! your as bad as that timbaland!"
by xwize January 15, 2007
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Originally a famous producer well known for his work with such artists as Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado and others.

In late 2006 striking similarities were noticed between a Nelly Furtado song "Do It" (produced by Timbaland) and a demoscene-originated tune called "Acid Jazzed Evening".
The original version of "Acid Jazzed Evening" was released by a finnish musician Janne Suni aka Tempest in 2000. Another musician, GRG, later produced an authorised remix of the tune.

While it is strongly believed by a number of independent experts that a copyright infringement took place, it is still to be proven or disproven in court. You can make your own decision if you listen to both tracks in comparison (easily to be found on the net).

Anyway, since the facts emerged, "to timbaland" and "to timbalift" both became synonyms of stealing or ripping off.
1. Yo dawg, where'd ya timaba'd that shit from ?

2. Fuck you, bitch! No way i aint timbalandin' dat, nigga! Dem cops are securin' dat shit!
by 8o September 4, 2007
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Producer who is most famous for his 'hey's in One Republic's Apologize remix , due to a youtube video titled : Timbaland Apologize (feat one republic)
by benjaminn December 8, 2008
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"Justin Timberlake...akaTimbaland....3-6, mah mah mafia!" - Chop Me Up, J.T.
by JTFan4u January 24, 2009
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A filthy rich overweight man who sports Craig Davidesque facial hair and is known to many blind pop music consumers (who can name only one music producer) as "greatest producer eva"
"fukin legend aye"

Despite having followers who could probably start their own religion if they could, he is a criminal.

From the latin root Timberland:

A brand of footwear designed with those who just don't care anymore in mind.

Tommy: "Hey check out that eyesore footwear store over there"

Jerry: "I've got an idea, i'm gonna be a timbaland and get me some boots"
by []] March 6, 2009
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