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A sexual act involving, traditionally, two men and one woman. One man penetrates the woman either in her vagina or anus from behind, the other man receives oral sex from the woman, creating an image resembling a spitroast.
Yo, I heard Tammy gets spitroasted by two different guys every night!
by meatstick June 14, 2003

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Real name Tim Mosley; uber-producer responsible for some classic R&B and rap tunes. Long time producer of Missy Elliott; also protegees such as Ms. Jade, Tweet and Bubba Sparxxx.
The Neptunes just ripped off another Timbaland beat, dogg.
by meatstick June 11, 2003

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A very thin cut; can be used to describe a tight vagina.
Dude, that chick last night.. it was like sticking my cock into a papercut.

She had a cunt like a single hair stuck to a papercut.
by meatstick June 13, 2003

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