1. A position in American Football.
2. A male homosexual whose anus has not been terribly stretched by the ravages of chocolate love. (See also wide receiver).
He was the best tight end I've ever seen.
by Ian Chode March 20, 2004
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an asshole that is rarely, if ever used, and is, thus, tight to any decent-sized cock.
"My tight end was open so often that it became a wide reciever."
by Jake Riibi (I'm Specical) December 8, 2005
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A person who has a tight butt like my roomie, Kevin Shah.
Kevin is a Tight End.
by Kunal November 15, 2004
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After anal sex, a man removes his penis from his partner's asshole (preferrably female). The man then takes his shit covered penis and wipes it underneath her eyes. Thus making her look like a football player with black grease marks under her eyes. Similar to the Dirty Sanchez
She was really mad when I gave her the not so tight end. What's crazy is she really likes football. I told her not to worry because the shit will come off.
by Stefan, Rachel and Troy January 22, 2007
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When a bi-curious male straddles a woman and another male enters the woman instead.
Last night I was having sex doggy style with Molly, and Lane put his cock between my legs and fucked her instead. I wanted his cock in my ass, but I'm glad he did a Tight-end Pass.
by bakers_botulism January 8, 2010
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A national holiday made for the most underrated position in the NFL the tight end. It was made more popular by the best tight end ever: George Kittlr
by George Kittle October 21, 2020
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Act of two men fucking a virgin male, at the same time.

Two dicks in once gay virgin ass.
Guy 1 :"Dude his ass was so tight"
Guy 2 : "I know! Who would have thought that he could take both of us at once!"
Guy 1 :"We'll have to try double teaming a tight end again!"
by Alex055 March 16, 2013
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