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A gay virgin male who is not going to have sex until he's married to his man.
Billy: Hey, babe can i get up in that tight arse of youres?

Jacky: No, babe I told you not until were married.

Billy: Can i at least get some gay virgin head head ?

Jacky: With pleasure! I want you to cum in my mouth and i want to make you feel so good.

Billy: fag!~
by David Dookuvney December 08, 2010
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A gay female who has a crush on her friend yet refuses to admit it, holds on to her v-card until her friend will take it.
Jessica: Ugh I’m such a gay virgin
Dan: What’s that???
Jessica: I love my bestfriend and want to fuck her but I can’t
by 6ix9ine fan August 08, 2018
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