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a sexual maneuver, much like the Superman (of Soulja Boy fame), in which the male ejaculates on his partners back, then sticks a tiger shark on his or her back
Watch me crank that soulja boy, that tiger shark, that HOOO!!!
by WhiteAsRice January 02, 2008
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A penis that is not symmetrical. One side of the head extends much longer than the other.
George W. Bush has a wicked tigershark.
by Zack "Osirus" McClintock November 03, 2004
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A person who has become so skilled in catfishing that they have become a threat, they swindle money out of people, steal people accounts, credit card information, and drive people who were closely involved in the relationship into a huge depression,etc
Tigershark: I'm gonna go catfishing a bit wanna watch a master at work?
Friend: dude that's not even catfishing anymore that's a straight up tigershark

Tigershark: really?
Friend: yeah you fuck people's lives up sometimes
by Bananyanners April 19, 2018
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A person who uses so much teeth while giving a blowjob that they rub penis flesh off, taste the blood, and continue on with their oral conquest. See baby shark
Whoa bro what happened to your penis?”
“Turns out your mom is a TIGER SHARK! That’s what.”
via giphy
by Whitesugar50 January 26, 2018
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