Tuva is a word that defines an awesome, pretty, hilarious, charismatic, sophisticated, witty, brilliant, breathtaking, intelligent and all over remarkable human being, who, 99,99999% of the time, is great in bed. Tuvas are brave and usually earn a lot of money.
Example 1:
Eric: "You know that girl in our spanish class? The hot one? Imma ask her out."
Maynard:"Kaylee? Bro, that ain't gonna happen, she's way out of your league. She's like... A tuva."

Example 2:
Dude 1: "Maaaaan, look at that guy! He's so fly, brave and strong, he's tuva!"
Dude 2 & 3: "Hell yeahs!"
by chucknorriswillfindyou January 13, 2011
by HENRIK_SPYDEBERG February 24, 2017
An autonomous Turkic region of Russia on the border with Mongolia. Inhabitants are called Tuvans.
Tuva is the prettiest person in this world. She is kind and much more positive things!! Everyone should treat her good. She has a best friend who ALWAYS are there for her! And she loves her best friend so much. Tuva is cool and trendy.
by chrlztaste November 12, 2021
Tuva Beck is a girl that is very weird and is mostly inside every boy's Brozone . She always uses makeup and dont go out in public without it. When she sends you snaps you can always see her boob gorge on her pics. She dont like to be in the brozone but cant do anything with it
OMFG stop being such a Tuva
by Lanco March 15, 2019