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In most cases it's just a contraction of Alright
Originates, possibly, from Northern England

1. adverb
Used to show agreement to a statement or instruction,
or to ask if another person agrees with a statement or
Similar in use to "alright"

2. adverb
Used for additional emphasis
Like "very"

3. interjection
Used as a greeting, like hello
Also has the added benefit of asking "all right?" at the
same time

4. noun
Refers to the Audi R8. A sports car introduced by
German manufacturer Audi in 2006
Am comin wi u, r8 ?

ur r8 gay, u mate
am a r8 plebb me
shes r8 fit, i'd shag her me. Like i did ya ma

r8 lad?

look at that sexual R8, wanna stick me nob in the exhaust
oh dear
by rzhhhh July 10, 2010
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Beautifully constructed, German engineered, super-car of Audi.
Relatively affordable for what it is/has (4.2 litre V8 - 415 hp, or 5.0 litre V10 - 610 hp).
A true performer any respecting VW/Audi owner would covet in their driveways.
The gentleman asked to test-drive the newest super-car produced by Audi, the R8.

The R8 kicked the ass of the inferior american auto.
by Coco Mike July 10, 2008
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Short for Allright because if you say it it sounds like a northern allright "arrreiiighhtt".
by Doctor_destruction July 01, 2005
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The r8 revolver is a commonly disregarded gun from the game counter strike global offenses. It is well know for its slow reload time, there for causing people to joke about it when loading something online or in game.
discord: "reloading the r8"

friend #1: "my game is so slow"
friend #2: "so is reloading the r8"
by bricybois May 16, 2018
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like reet alright or hello
a word to signify your presence or to signal hat you understand pronounced ray-te it is in common useage in northen british towns
man 1 r8 ladd
man 2 r8

man 1 go and fetch it
man 2 r8
by nick_gs December 25, 2005
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