Someone from Aberdeen. Aberdonians are renown for their incomprehensible dialect (doric) and alcoholism. The most common Scottish stereotype for Aberdonians is that they are "sheep shaggers". However a more accurate generalisation is: wasted and ignorant.
Student of Aberdeen University: 'One wasted guy on Belmont Street yesterday said to me "Whaddup homes?" but was Aberdonian and white, I called him MC HAMMERED. The thing is, he giggled at that but then died with laughter when he tried to find a word to say how often he got like that; and I said "frequently". He found it hillarious... I love Aberdeen.'
by The Beer Pong Prince September 21, 2010
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An ancient Scottish slang word for "sheep shagger".
Commonly misinterpreted as meaning someone from Aberdeen.
Tam: "That lad sounds Aberdonian"
Eck: "That's no very nice Tam"
Tam: "Fit?"
Eck: "That's Willy, he's a coo farmer anyway"
Tam: "O' right no, eh meant he's fae Aberdeen"
Eck: "Ah, why didnae ye just say that in the first place?"
by YeMadFanny August 12, 2011
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