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a very tame or safe choice alcoholic drink, typically something a thot would rush to drink at a party or post on social media
this party is shit, they only have thot shots here
by sqlk May 17, 2018
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A basic mirror selfie usually performed by “thots” most often in public restrooms
Jessica and Ashly took a thotshot before returning to their roofied drinks.
by DrunkStudmuffin April 20, 2019
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A picture where a female takes pictures of herself flaunting her figure or showing sexually appealing clothing. Usually covered in lots of make up.
Hey bro, look at her posting more thot shots online.
by Mad dog 989 September 16, 2018
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When that hoe over there looks like so much of hoe you just have to take a picture
"Eww look at that hoe over there"

"Yeah you should take a thot shot and show her to Greg later"
by Denise nephew August 16, 2014
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ThotShot- When a "Hoe" & Or "Hoe's" Take Pictures With Their Ass, Breast, & Or Vagina, Exposed.
"These Hoe's All On Facebook, Taking ThotShots".
by DøpëPrïñçëss October 25, 2015
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