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A 'salami brotha' is a black man who is with the Nation of Islam or any Islamic religion similar to that, like the Five Precenters. It comes from the Arabic phrase of hello, "Al salaam a'alaykum", that those guys constantly used.

Some of them say it so fast, it sounds like "salami"
Bean-Pie Man: "Al salaam a'alaykum my brotha!"

Me: "Salami and Bacon to you too."

Bean-Pie Man: "Look my brotha, we got some nice bean pies for you for only $3"

Me: "Man, get yo' five-day old moldy bean pies outta mah face and take yo' incense with you, you bow-tie wearing Salami brotha!"
by DaSolution July 09, 2011
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A negative word for a bisexual
From a bigot: "I don't want to be sleeping with a cockroach, I don't know what she's carrying!"
by DaSolution July 12, 2011
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Another term for a bisexual. It is quite often used in negative terms.
He's a pendulum, he might hit on everybody!
by DaSolution July 10, 2011
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Another way to refer to people who are not straight, a.k.a. queers when used as the umbrella term.
My friend: Yo, we went to see Lady Gaga last night followed by a trip to a club on Christopher Street.

Me: Ah, so you've been hanging around with those people again?
by DaSolution September 03, 2011
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Another word for bisexuals, since all of them are sluts
1. "What?! Lindsey Lohan got HIV?"

"Of course she does, she's a bi-slut"

2. Alan Cumming
Amy Winehouse
Andy Dick
Angelina Jolie
Anna Paquin
Bai Ling
Drew Barrymore
The Ikki Twins
Lady Gaga
Lindsay Lohan
Margaret Cho
Megan Fox
Megan Mullally
Sandra Bernhard
Tila Tequila
by DaSolution July 07, 2011
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